The latest in a slew of wireless MVNO’s to silence its lines on active customers without sufficient warning is PrepYd Wireless. The former Sprint MVNO has had its contract terminated by Sprint and leaves thousands of customers to figure out a solution to retain wireless service on their own. is offering all PrepaYd customers free number transfer from distressed PrepaYd accounts. prepayd wireless closes

PrepaYd joins other popular MVNO’s such as NextG and Talk 4 Good that have shuttered its MVNO resell program in the last 6 months. Other active MVNO’s could be next as the MNO’s drop retail prices and put the squeeze on MVNO’s. PrepaYd dealers received the following message on Feb 14th:

We regret to inform you that Sprint has terminated PrepaYd Wireless’ Sprint MVNO Agreement and that we will no longer be able to activate new customers on PrepaYd Wireless. We have suspended all Top Ups and activations. We have made the Account Numbers available for your Customers in the Dealer Portal under the Customer Report. We are in the process of filing an Anti-Trust Claim against Sprint for what we believe have been anti-competitive and unfair business practices by Sprint to PrepaYd, Wireless Customers, Wireless Dealers, and to other Sprint MVNOs.

Recent news, such as the lowering of At&t and Verizon smartphone plans and the first agreement reached in Congress to potentially allow cellphone unlocking have brought uncertainty for many Sprint and Verizon MVNO’s that are struggling to gain traction in a crowded marketplace. Combine the latest wireless industry news with the reluctance of consumers to switch to a relatively unknown company and you will have dozen of MVNO’s following the same path as PrepaYd Wireless.

MVNO’s do provide a much needed alternative from the pricey contract service plans offered by the top carriers, but the threat of one day having your service interrupted or even possibly losing your number is a PR challenge MVNO’s face. Beigephone features the most popular MVNO’s available for customers and can give wireless consumers a comprehensive view of the MVNO landscape and what options are best for affordable cellphone service.